What is CloudCmp?

CloudCmp is a framework to compare different cloud computing providers. It is developed by researchers from Duke University and Microsoft Research. This website is still in its initial stage, and we will gradually add more content as the project evolves.

Why CloudCmp?

Cloud computing has gained much popularity recently. A large number of companies have emerged to offer public cloud computing services, including (but not limited to) Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Rackspace, GoGrid. For a potential cloud customer, the numerous providers raise a very practical problem: which cloud provider should I choose?

Through the CloudCmp project, we seek to understand how various cloud providers differ in terms of their performance and costs, and help a customer choose the best-suited cloud provider.

How CloudCmp Works?

On a high level, CloudCmp contains two steps:
Step 1: Use standard tools to benchmark the services offered by different cloud providers, including computation, storage, and network services.
Step 2: Use the benchmarking results to estimate the performance and costs of an application if it is deployed on a particular cloud provider.

Benchmark Toolset

We have released CloudCmp on github. To checkout the newest copy:

git clone git://github.com/angl/cloudcmp.git

Alternatively, you can download the latest v0.1 release package

If you have any question regarding the code, please contact cloudcmp at cs.duke.edu.


  • Ang Li (Duke)
  • Xiaowei Yang (Duke)
  • Srikanth Kandula (MSR)
  • Ming Zhang (MSR)